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Fire Alarm Course In Jamshedpur

Posted on 2014-07-07

A Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) is probably best described as the 'brains' of a fire detection and alarm system. A fire indicator panel comprises control and indicating equipment (c.i.e) that combined together form an integrated system. These core components comprise;
The first electric fire alarm and detection system was patented in 1890 by Francis Robbins Upton (U.S. Patent no. 436,961 1) although the significant advances were not available until the mid to late 1960?s. Today there are essentially two types of fire indicator panel; Collective (commonly known as conventional) and Addressable (sometimes known as Analogue Addressable or Intelligent).
The primary purpose of a fire indicator panel is to monitor each circuit, zone or point for any condition (alarm signal or other abnormal condition); display the status of that condition and to operate any required output or outputs according to the approved design of the system. These outputs are typically for the purpose of warning occupants on a fire alarm signal, notify the fire brigade, control the spread of heat, smoke or fire; or used for a wide variety of other purposes.
Before I go any further its important to define a couple of terms used in this article, to provide both context and and explanation of their meaning;