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Crawler Crane Operator Training

Posted on 2013-11-22

Jamshedpur Technical Centre is the best earth moving Training Institutes in Jamshedpur Jharkhand.
A crawler crane is a track-based vehicle that has a crane apparatus attached to it. These cranes are able to work on soft ground due to the weight dispersal properties of the tracks. A crawler crane is made more stable by the steel tracks and can lift much more weight than a rubber tire-equipped model with the same crane attachment.
The basis for a crawler crane is the track propulsion system. The continual track system is based on a late 1800s design. The wide steel tracks allow the crane to operate on much softer ground than a rubber tire-equipped crane. The tracks also allow much greater stability due to the increased ground contact. A benefit of a crawler crane is that it is maneuverable and versatile while on a job site.
There are problems with the crawler crane, one of the greatest being its enormous size. Some crawler cranes are so large that they must be taken apart and moved from one job site to the next by truck or by train. The massive size and weight allows the largest crawler cranes to lift loads as great as 3,500 tons to massive heights and then maneuver them into position. This massive size, however, comes with a cost. The cost is the difficulty in transporting the crane.